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Come and play on Pixelmon Prime, a Minecraft server launched in December 2018, for the ultimate Pixelmon experience. Our server has a number of cool features we offer, including:

1. Sixteen competitive gyms staffed by players (these gyms are based off of Johto’s and Kanto’s), for a nostalgic and challenging competitive atmosphere.

2. A friendly staff team and a welcoming community.

3. Player clans based off the Pokemon GO! teams and competitions between them.

4. Ten custom cities, built by our friends at LUX Studios. Check them out here:

5. Frequent drop parties.

6. Cool events and lots of places to explore, including the various event dungeons and different Team Hideouts.

7. PokeBuilder.

8. Vote crates.

9. GriefPrevention and Keep Inventory.

Find us on Discord at, and join the server at!

We hope to see you ingame!