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These rules have been set into place to ensure a safe and fair environment for all of our players. If for any reason a rule needs to be added or modified, the management team has the right to do so.

Using an alternate account to avoid or bypass any punishment given to you for breaking these rules will result in the alternate account being banned and the length of your current ban/punishment increased.

These rules were last edited on March 18, 2019.

Gameplay Rules

  • Do not advertise other servers or gaming communities.


The staff and gym leaders of this server work very hard to provide the best gameplay experience you could find on any Pixelmon server by running events, hosting frequent drop parties and ensuring a positive and welcoming community. We do not need, and will not tolerate, anyone advertising their server or network on ours in order to steal away well-earned players. Advertising other servers on any of Pixelmon Prime’s platforms will result in a ban from our servers and/or our website. This includes sharing an IP or website/domain (other than that of Pixelmon Prime) in public chat, through the messaging system, with Pokémon nicknames, etc. One warning may be given if we see the advertisement was completely unintentional.


  • Do not grief anyone’s homes or land.


Griefing is the intentional destruction of someone’s structure for your own amusement, such as angering them or simply stealing all of their belongings. It includes placing blocks around another player’s land claim in order to annoy them. Intentionally griefing another player’s land claim will result in a temporary ban from our server. More severe punishments (including permanent bans) may be issued if the behavior continues over a longer period. We encourage players to use gold shovels to claim their land to prevent griefing.


  • Do not spam the chat.


Spamming the in-game chat multiple times in a short period causes it to be very untidy for other players to read. Inserting too many random characters is also seen as spamming, even if it is only seen once. Constantly spamming the chat after a warning has been given will result in a mute, preventing you from posting messages in the server’s public chat. A longer mute will be issued if this continues on.


  • No offensive usernames or skins.


Skins and usernames are meant to be fun game cosmetics everyone is able to customize according to their perspectives. However, any skins or usernames pertaining to any form of sexual, homophobic, discriminatory, racist, or otherwise insensitive subjects are stictly prohibited from being used on our server. Action will be taken to remedy situations with skins or Minecraft usernames are seen as offensive. We have no problem with you choosing what skin or username to use, but it shouldn’t be seen as anything considered to be inappropriate/offensive towards our community. You will be given a warning to change your skin or username to a theme appropriate for all ages. Further consequences will be issued if the use of either the skin or username is continued.


  • Do not impersonate staff or gym leaders.


Impersonating – through the use of a username or claiming to be a staff role when you are not – is very misleading. This is not tolerated on Pixelmon Prime’s servers or website, especially if it involves impersonating a staff member or gym leader. The blatant use of nicknames or other forms of deception to impersonate other players on our server will result in a warning – or in more serious cases, a long-time mute or ban from our server.


  • Do not harass anyone under any circumstances.


Harassment will not be tolerated on our server. Blackmail is also highly disrespectful and falls under this rule. We want to make this a safe community for all players. The community of Pixelmon Prime will not tolerate harassment of any kind – including discrimination, sexual harassment, homophobia, or other rudeness. If you feel harassed by another player within the server’s community, you should report the situation (along with as many screenshots as are necessary) to the staff members. The staff will respond accordingly so as to ensure the server remains family-friendly. Varying punishments depending on the severity of the harassment will be issued from a lengthy mute to a permanent ban from our server. The type of harassment this pertains to will also decide what punishment you will receive (for example, the server maintains a zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment and in those cases, a permanent ban is likely).


  • Respect the server.


It is unnecessary to disrespect our server simply because you may not like how it works or the way things are. If you do not like it here, feel free to suggest changes in a constructive manner. You are also more than welcome to leave.


  • Do not backseat moderate.


The job of enforcing the website’s, Discord’s and server’s official rules is a job we trust to our staff members. It is considered as an annoyance towards the staff when someone who isn’t in a position of authority is trying to enforce the rules on other players. Instead of threatening the rule-breaker with a rule enforcement, report the incident to an online staff member or make a report on the Discord server. This rule only applies when a staff member is actively online watching over the chat. This isn’t as serious of an offense as the others are, so you will be given two warnings to let the staff members do their jobs of moderating the server before more serious punishments are issued.


  • Do not be dishonest in any trades/attempt to pull scams on others.


Fair and honest trades are expected between all players at all times. We encourage players to take screenshots or record trades of items or currency to prevent dishonesty. Scams and unfair deals as a means to obtain an item of your own desires will not be tolerated. Should a scam be reported and evidence provided, the offender will be asked to return whatever what was unfairly gained from an unfair trade or transaction to the other person who was involved. A ban will be issued to the offender if they refuse to return the stolen item(s), Pokémon, or coins. The length of the ban may increase if the offender engages in multiple scams or unfair trades.


  • Do not steal from anyone.


Don’t scam people out of money, items, or Pokémon. Players should take screenshots of all transactions while playing as evidence if they get scammed. The staff will respond to all reported scams in accordance with the previous rule.


  • Do not attempt to use any client-side modifications for cheating.


Client-side modifications that fall under this category heavily disrupt the gameplay on our server by giving their users an unfair advantage over other players. PokeRadar and X-Ray are good examples of modifications we do not allow.


  • Do not construct 1x1 towers or offensive structures.


Useless structures such as 1x1 towers clutter the server’s world up, making it seem like an eyesore. As for offensive structures, they have the same impact on the server, but may have a worse effect on players witnessing them. Therefore, the punishment for creating offensive structures would be worse and may include a temporary ban. Use common sense.


  • Do not make use of/exploit any bugs or glitches. Report them to staff.


Any bugs or glitches you may come across while playing are completely unintentional. Exploiting that bug or glitch is both disrespectful and viewed as cheating for personal gain. To avoid getting banned, we ask that you take the proper precautions by clearly reporting the bug/exploit as soon as possible and not continuing to abuse the bug.


  • Do not post harmful or inappropriate links in chat.


We aim to keep the chat on the server family-friendly and appropriate. Please refrain from posting obscene content in the chat, this includes un-censored curse words and inappropriate weblinks. Note that privately messaging other players obscene links is also not permitted. Players are encouraged to submit reports and screenshots to staff if they are receiving inappropriate or harmful content and there are no staff online.


  • Do not make use of any non-legitimate items.


Chisels, NPC editors, and mob eggs are all examples of items you cannot legitimately obtain or purchase from our online store. Possession of these items is against the rules and they must be given up to a high ranked staff member in order for it to be destroyed. Players found in possession of these items – or an excessive amount of normal items that hint at abuse of a bug – will face consequences for their non-cooperation.

Discord Rules

1. Your Discord username must clearly state your Minecraft username, and cannot contain any emojis or special characters. This is so we can tell who you are.  


2. Do not ask to be a gym leader or a staff member. Instead, you should apply for either one of them through the #applications channel.


3. Treat all players with respect. We offer this service so everyone can have a good time, not to be disrespected.


4. Do not advertise servers, websites, or gameplay communication servers that lead to other Minecraft servers.


5. Do not post harmful or inappropriate links in the Discord chat.


6. Do not spam others through the use of PMs or within the channel chat.


7. Do not yell over the top of one another in the voice chats.


8. Do not demand an unban for anyone. This will also get you banned.


9. Do not initiate any personal attacks.


10. Joining channels for the purpose of trolling will not be tolerated.


11. Do not transmit music over Discord.


12. Do not use foul language or annoy others.


13. Do not impersonate anyone under any circumstances.